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Ker is special.
I’ve known Ker Cleary for many years. I’m guessing we went through our training as counselors at about the same time because I would meet her at Oregon Counseling Association gatherings and other counselor events.

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More recently I’ve been attending her channeled gatherings and have had private sessions with her and her guides. I’ve also begun referring my clients to her when they are exploring important decisions.
I’ve appreciated having Ker’s suggestions and support as I am drawn in more spiritual directions in my practice and I’ve been present as she’s worked with groups and have heard her (and her guides) be clear and kind and funny. It’s really great to know that there’s this kind of spiritual resource within the Eugene community.
If you haven’t yet spent time with Ker then you’ve missed someone important.
If you’re curious about who she is, call her and talk a bit.
~ David Thompson MA, LMFT, Eugene, OR

The first thing I said to Ker after my first channeling session with her was: “Don’t ever stop doing this.”

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As a psychologist I value greatly deep and transformative work. The work I have done through channeling has been nothing short of profoundly meaningful, impactful and transformative. I decided that not understanding the process was far less significant than the power it has to help me move in directions that are important to me.
~ Nicole Brule, PsyD, Eugene, OR

Ker is a licensed professional counselor who has the special gift of channeling. She is a wise and kind healer. Ker, and her spirit guides, are superior listeners. She provides a safe space to communicate with loved ones who are no longer with us.
I’ve benefited greatly

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from having Ker channel with my dad and brother, after their deaths. I’ve also gained insight into current relationships, after having Ker channel past life relationships with the same individuals.
In my private practice, as a licensed professional counselor, I refer clients who have the courage, readiness, and openness for Ker’s channeling expertise.
The grief process always progresses differently, after a channeling session. Painful and stuck relationships are viewed with new perspective and clarity. Relief and reassurance are common feelings, after a channeling session with Ker.
~ Jo Chambers, MA, LPC, Eugene, OR

Dear Ker ~ After the channeling session I was feeling quite high. I am still feeling something from it. I have more confidence in myself as a healer – not anything to do with any specific point they said, though. It’s not that I feel I can heal everyone and everything, yet, in some way, it is (if that makes any sense. I guess that’s confidence.).

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I feel excited about life (more so than before the session), excited about possibilities, like life is getting funner. It’s kind of hard to describe, as I’m sure you know. I feel like their resonance is still with me, and that in a way that session stimulated a connection with my guides (I have a sense they are there waiting and eager for me to allow the connection with them).

I spoke with the mom of one of my tough autism clients today. She noticed 3 huge changes in her son. So much so that during a baseball event yesterday her husband turned to her and said “Who is this kid?!” T had been having problems with motor coordination, but did not show any of it at the baseball thing. This is so amazing, I can’t tell you how incredible it is.

I am curious if you think just by doing the channeling it could have somehow affected or “turned on” all the other healing intentions I had worked with on T? Could the energy imbued towards me by your guides have shifted my energy field and in turn shifted T’s such that we are now seeing the desired results? I know anything is possible.

I can’t tell you enough how great that session was for me, very eye-opening. I have been thinking about what was said and meditating on it lots. It also seems that my life has risen a notch in the happiness, acceptance, joy arenas since that. I am forever grateful to you and your guides!!!

Luminara Serdar, BS, MBA, NMT Heartfull Healing, Eugene, OR
Energy Healer

Yesterday was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect to talk about M and my own perception was quite altered. I fell in and out of a trance-like state during the talk.

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I felt like there were two kinds of communication, one was the conversation, the other was nonverbal and like a guided tour.
You are really gifted, Ker.

~ JM, Bar Harbor, ME

I’m both a believer in and a skeptic about a lot of psychic gifts in that I completely believe that it’s a real phenomenon, but don’t always have an experience that feels real or significant. Ker’s Guides are amazing in being gentle yet direct and the experience provided more profound insights and truly useful help than I’ve gotten from books, coaches, therapists, and my own intuitive methods.

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It was a soul-healing experience that I sorely needed. I asked for a distance (by phone) channeling session to learn about what’s happened in a long-time close friendship that had become painfully difficult in the last 2 years. I was a little nervous, but Ker put me quickly at ease before her guides came through to speak to me. Truthfully I didn’t expect the depth of detailed information shared by the Guides, or the sensible actions they suggested. The Guides zeroed in on the core of the problem and what I needed to do to change. At times the meaningfulness of the information left me nearly sobbing in how it connected with unvoiced deep desires of my heart. At other times the Guides had me giggling with the absurdity of how I was trying to get what I needed in a very backward way. Throughout the experience I felt held and nurtured with great compassion. I can honestly say I felt an immediate and lasting change of heart towards my friend and our relationship struggles. Ker’s ability to channel such wisdom is beyond compare, completely genuine, and an experience I highly recommend.

– Deah Curry PhD, CPC Kirkland WA http://www.dewritesites.com/

I have been working with the Guides for over 10 years now (and I say ‘work’ because usually when they tell me to do something, I work to put it into action). I cannot overstate this: I do not know where I would be without their support in my life.

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They have helped me through some very, very, VERY challenging times. Having a session with them is indeed a healing; their skillful compassion has helped to alleviate an inordinate amount of confusion and pain, and I have found resolution of what I though was unresolvable. I always feel better about myself, my life and the direction I am headed after a session. In my experience, one reading is worth at least 10 counseling appointments. I have recommended sessions with The Guides to many people who have also been helped tremendously. I am deeply blessed and forever to have met Ker and The Guides. ~ S. D’Aragon, Asheville, NC

I saw Ker [for a channeling session] about a problem I was having with a friend who abruptly terminated contact with me. I had been trying to work through my grief and shame about this situation. I realized that unwittingly I had developed a crush on this friend which I knew was inappropriate but yet I could not seem to control.

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Ker was amazingly insightful immediately identifying ways to help me. She also made a prediction about the situation with this friend that absolutely came true. She said that some day soon I would be grateful for the experience I had had with this friend. She prescribed a Bach Flower remedy for me that was helpful and I was able to come to peace about myself, to forgive myself for the errors I made. A short time later I met someone who was as eager for a relationship with me as I was with her. And I was very grateful for the whole experience and wouldn’t change any of it.
Ker made me feel very comfortable and accepted, even though I felt rather embarrassed to admit this problem to anyone. I so appreciated the advice and insight, which was so right on.

~ Jean H., Ashland, OR

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