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At last! You can have the wisdom of BlueStar and Counsel of Light at your fingertips (literally!). The BlueStar Oracle Deck is here. Order today and use your deck every day, or whenever you wish to consult the guides about what is on your mind. Pick a card for daily contemplation, or to inspire your own connection to intuition and guidance energy. Read the channeled information for each card in the accompanying booklet, or listen to your own inner wisdom. You can use the cards one at a time, in groups of two or three, in any tarot spread you prefer, or however you desire. They are both flexible and precise, offering guidance and clarity for your questions and concerns.

The deck is 36 full color cards, with a beautiful photograph and brief saying on each card. Each deck comes in a hard, clear plastic box, with a booklet containing channeled guidance for each card, arranged alphabetically. Each case also has a cardboard sleeve, to make traveling with your deck easier. Cards measure 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches, a standard poker deck size.

Cost $21 per deck, plus shipping ($7 for up to 3 decks, $14 for 4-6 decks, contact us for bulk discounts above 6 decks).


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I love my BlueStar Oracle Deck! It has become an integral tool for dealing with stress and overwhelm. What a blessing! I use the deck to end my day on a positive note.  Focusing on one issue that is causing my anxiety…I gently shuffle the cards…until I feel ready, then pick the top card. The image is always soothing, so I let my eyes rest on it for a bit. Then I leaf through the booklet for the corresponding reading. When I come to the night’s reading, it is always, always what I most needed to hear. I usually read it a few times, savoring the wisdom and comfort it brings. These cards – these messages from Ker’s guides – help me prepare for a night’s sleep in today’s turbulent times.

– Alison (Tucson, AZ)


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