Here are some free downloads and (eventually some paid) goodies to support you on your journey! At this moment, it’s kinda sparse, I know. Every life is a work in progress, no? Yes, of course. Yours, mine, and the expanding universe inside and out. My desire is to support your progress in many ways, on many levels.

Please browse the selection, which will grow over time. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for things you would like to see available in this space. We are currently working on a couple of e-books about self-care and about Bach flower remedies, as well as a digital sound files of channeling.

We want to offer you a variety of supportive tools and downloads. Of course. many of these tools will only be of use if you make use of them! If you don’t read the books or work with the Wheel of life or listen to the sound files, they are pretty much useless…

Please let me know if you have particular needs or desires for what you would like to see offered on this page.

The Wheel of Balance in Life tool (in pdf format) is handy in times of transition, or when you need some sense of direction in your life, or to check your progress with your intentions and goals. It can clarify our priorities, and map where our energies go.

Free Download


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