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Negativity and Positivity part 3/3 – Equanimity

Hello dear ones, Forgive us for taking so long to post the final third. It can always be a challenge to align things in the physical and nonphysical realms. Perhaps you have noticed. Well, we spoke of negativity and then of positivity, and now we speak of […]

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Negativity and Positivity 2/3

Dear Ones – This is the post about positivity we are sure you have been waiting for with bated breath! Or maybe just with a bit of curiosity or even annoyance (where is that post?). Here it is: So, positivity can be as problematic as negativity can […]

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Negativity and Positivity 1/3

Dear Ones – Today we share a few thoughts about negativity and positivity with you. Something that has been called to our attention of late. Apart from the usual, yin and yang, must have both/can’t have one without the other, what is there to say? It can […]

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Failure – Is It An Option?

Hello Dear Ones, We are very interested lately in this notion of what you call failure. We don’t really understand it, because in all honesty it really doesn’t make sense. Think about it. What is it, in your actual definition? We know there are many platitudes cycling […]

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Feeling Stuck

Dear Ones, Feeling stuck is just another word for disengagement with your world. Sometimes when you get too overly concerned about one area of your life, you will feel stuck everywhere you look. But truly, this is not the case. It can never really be the case. […]

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Trusting Your Gut

Today, Dear Ones, we speak with you – or, rather, write with you – on the subject of trusting your gut. What does that mean, exactly? It means to have some sense of confidence in yourself, your apprehension, your understanding of a thing, a person, a situation, […]

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On Feeling Bad

Dear Ones – We write about what comes to our attention, and today we are noticing a fair number of you are feeling bad about yourselves. There are the usual suspects – too fat, too old, too broke, not happy with work you have done, avoidance of […]

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On Transition

Dear Ones – Should we call this “In Transition” instead? No matter, whether in or on or under, transition is by definition a disorienting state. Of course, everything is always in transition – this is what the Buddhists call “impermanence”. Sometimes, as a human or maybe as […]

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Kindness to Yourself

Hello Dears, We would like to discuss this notion, so popular these days, of having more kindness to yourself. Why is it popular? Well, it is, as you can imagine, something of which many people have need, great need, indeed. It is also, unfortunately, a thing about […]

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Manifestation Part 2 – How to Do It

Dearest Ones – We did say we would go into more information on the manifestation process, so here we go. (Surely not the last words on the subject, if you know us, and we believe you do!) To begin with, you know how to do this, because […]

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