Channeled Guidance

What is channeling? I use the term channeling to describe what I do in a session with you and my guides. It falls on the spectrum of practices that include psychic work, mediumship, clairvoyance, and other non-ordinary states used to retrieve information not generally available to ordinary consciousness. I go into a light trance state and call in my spirit guides, and then I get out of the way so they can speak to you.

Who are your guides? See About BlueStar and Counsel of Light

Why do you say “the guides”? Because I don’t distinguish who is giving the information in a reading. It might be BlueStar or Counsel of Light, it might be your guides, it might be some other disembodied entities that have the particular information you are seeking.

Other entities? That sounds scary. How do you know it’s not some evil ghost? We only allow through those beings who are based in unconditional love. Furthermore, from the guides’ perspective, there is no evil, only love or fear. That which humans perceive as evil is almost always fear trying to find its way to love.

Wait, I have guides? As far as we know, everyone has guides of some kind who accompany them throughout their lives. Some are angelic beings, some are animals, some are beings from other planets or areas of the unseen world (like Counsel of Light), some have done all their life cycles on Earth but stick around to be helpful (like BlueStar). Some are solo, some are in groups. Some show up briefly to help with a specific situation. All of them are based in unconditional love.

Do you listen to the reading, either during or after (the recording)? How do I know you will keep my reading private? I am a light trance channel, so I don’t really hear or retain most of the details of a reading. If you try to talk to me (Ker) about a reading afterwards, I may or may not even know what you are talking about. I tell people it is like hearing someone watching TV in the next room – I can tell if it is a comedy or a Western, for instance, but not really what particular show it is.

I do not listen to the recording, nor do I retain it after a period of time (generally a few months, just to make sure you got it OK). I am a licensed professional counselor (currently non-practicing), and I apply all those same ethics and rules of confidentiality to my channeling work. Not because I have to, but because that is how I operate. I do not share anything about your reading – or even the fact that you had one – with anyone, unless you ask me to, in writing. Read my privacy policies here.

Can I channel? Yes. I have taught many classes in channeling and everyone (who is willing) finds some connection with their guide(s). Many people dismiss their interactions with guidance energy as their imagination, or they desire bells and whistles and fireworks, when really that would probably scare them a little. As a result they often miss or misinterpret communications that could be helpful.

Everyone has a primary modality for how they experience the world: visual, aural, verbal, kinesthetic, etc. Channeling is easiest if we start in our primary modality, because it is more comfortable to receive information from an unfamiliar source (guides) through a familiar mode.

Opening to Channel by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman is a nice book to work with if you are interested in learning to channel, but it works best to have someone to practice with, because it is hard to get out of the way enough to bring information through at the same time as you are trying to be present to receive it. Channeled or automatic writing practices can be useful, as are visualization and channeled movement.

Please sign up for email alerts or keep an eye on the Events page if you are interested in hearing about my classes, and read the guides’ blog to get to know them and receive their insights.

Will I get what I want out of a reading? There are no guarantees. Most of our clients get what they need out of a reading. The main thing our readings offer is clarity, which usually leads to peace of mind. The guides enjoy having conversation with their clients, and are happy to answer questions and explore possibilities with you.

Sometimes when people want to speak with a loved one who has passed over, they aren’t available or don’t come through for some reason, although most of the time they do. We cannot guarantee the availability of those folks, but we will certainly try. Sometimes other loved ones or even relations you didn’t know well might come through with some information for you.

Please feel free to discuss your needs and wants for a reading with Ker ahead of time. She will tell you if it is beyond our scope and refer you to someone who can help, if possible. Please read the testimonials on the Testimonials page to get a feeling for what people experience in a reading.

Will the guides tell me things I don’t want to hear? Some people feel nervous about this, but the guides always calibrate their information to you specifically. They speak the truth from the clarity of their perspective. They may not always respond to a question in the way you want, but you can direct the conversation and choose what topics to discuss. Feel free to tell the guides if you don’t want to hear about something in particular.

Do I have to do what the guides tell me? Of course not. The guides don’t even usually tell people what to do. They do help you weigh your options and give you perspective on the various possibilities. They occasionally suggest a specific course of action, but nobody is required to follow their suggestions. We do have free will, after all.

How do you know you aren’t just making it up? Good question. I feel less certain about it when I am channeling for myself, but it is harder to channel for oneself than for others. When I channel for other people, the guides come up with information and details I couldn’t possibly know, which are usually validated by the client. Also, they say things I wouldn’t say using language I wouldn’t use, and sometimes even say things I don’t agree with. On the other hand, as the guides often point out, we are all making up this entire existence…

Bach Flower Remedies

How do you know it’s not the placebo effect? Well, if it is the placebo effect, it is a very powerful and consistent one, and there’s no harm done. So maybe it wouldn’t matter if it was. The strongest evidence against it being the placebo effect is the impact flower remedies have on animals, plants and small children, who don’t know to expect anything from the drops, and yet respond consistently and positively to them.

How long does it take for the flower remedies to work? It varies, depending on you and your circumstance and sensitivity. Some people experience immediate relief, some find it takes a few days or longer for the effects to be noticed. Sometimes the effects are so thorough that you might forget you were previously having a hard time! This is why I encourage people to jot a few notes about why they are taking the remedies when they start, so they will have a record of their experience.

I’m in counseling – do flower remedies help that process? I used the Bach flower remedies with many of my counseling clients to good effect. They usually support the process, help dissolve blocks and resolve old patterns that seem otherwise intractable.

I’m on medication. Can I still take Bach flowers? Bach flowers are harmless and will not interact with any other medication. Rebalancing your mental and emotional states and reducing stress can positively impact your physical health. You may choose to revisit your medication with your physician after taking flowers, if you feel the need.

What if you give me the wrong remedies? If we didn’t figure out the most appropriate remedies for your situation (which is rare, but it can happen), you would simply feel no effect from taking them. Then we would revisit your presenting problems, see what we missed, and give you a new combination.

I can’t tolerate alcohol, so how do I take Bach flowers? The stock bottles are full of brandy, but I don’t preserve your blend in alcohol, only in pure water, so you only get a few drops of brandy in a 1-oz dosage bottle. If we use four remedies, there will be eight drops of brandy in your bottle. Most people can’t taste it, and in my experience it has never bothered or triggered anyone, but I respect your concerns. You can take Bach flower remedies in a cup of hot water to allow the trace amount of alcohol to dissipate, or only use them topically (on your skin or in a bath) or in a mister. Or I can give you the recipe for your remedy combination and you can make your own dosage bottle using glycerin-based remedies purchased online here.

What is the difference between flower remedies, flower essences, aromatherapy, tinctures, and homeopathy? Flower remedies and flower essences are the same thing: water that has been infused with the energetic properties of certain flowers (and then stabilized in brandy) to address mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Flower remedies have no smell, except brandy if you smell the stock bottle.

Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils, which are volatile physical compounds extracted from various plants and flowers, which heal on the physical as well as mental and emotional planes. The scent of the essential oil is the main focus of aromatherapy, although the other physical properties of the oils are factored in as healing elements.

Tinctures are usually alcohol-based extractions of physical elements of herbs and flowers used primarily to address physical illness and enhance wellbeing. There is not usually an aromatic component to herbology, although some plants used in tinctures do have a strong scent.

Homeopathy is the science of reducing various plants, minerals and other substances, to an infinitesimally tiny quantity in order to treat the whole person. The process of creating homeopathic remedies is different than the process of creating flower remedies, but they are related. Both fall into the category of energy medicine, and Dr. Bach was a homeopath prior to developing his flower remedy system.

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