Channeled Guidance

BlueStar, Counsel of Light and Ker are here to help you with your life purpose, relationships, changing old patterns, money issues, loved ones who have crossed over, and more.

The following information is a collaborative expression from Ker Cleary, BlueStar and Counsel of Light.

Channeled guidance is similar to a psychic reading, an intuitive reading, clairvoyance, clairsentience or mediumship. We prefer the word channeling because it describes the structure of bringing information through a willing physical being from nonphysical realms using nonordinary states of consciousness. In other words, Ker goes into a light trance state and calls in her spirit guides BlueStar and Counsel of Light, and then gets out of the way so they can speak to you.

Channeled guidance comes through a channeler (in this case Ker) who has entered a trance state and allows disembodied beings (in this case BlueStar and Counsel of Light) to speak through her, using her physical being as a structure for communication. Other entities may come through during a reading, including but not limited to: the client’s guides or angelic beings, significant people from the client’s life who have died, and other beings with specific information to share.

We do not usually tell you what you should do or what is going to happen. Although you may have a destiny for this life, you also have free will, and you can choose what you will or will not fulfill, regardless of the notions you came in with.

People most often come away from our readings with a sense of clarity, confidence and wellbeing. We infuse the situation and your energy field with unconditional love energy, which is the source from whence you sprang, and so it nourishes you. Ker says the words and notions we put forth are very helpful, and from the human point of view this may be true. The guides say that healing on the energy field level is prerequisite for anything else to move, so that is our focus and intention.

Ker describes her experience during a reading as “getting out of the way” and allowing her guides and other select energy beings to participate in a conversation with the person requesting it. She is a light trance channel, which means she is aware of what is being said, but retains very little, if any, of the conversation.

All readings are recorded and the recording sent to you, the client. The recording is deleted and nobody else, not even Ker, listens to it. All readings are confidential, including your status as a client. You are, of course, free to tell anyone you like! That being said, the internet and cell phones are not completely secure and never will be, so there is inherent risk to privacy in any communication using these tools.

Who are your guides? See About BlueStar and Counsel of Light.

Will I get what I want out of a reading? There are no guarantees. Most of our clients get what they need out of a reading. The main thing our readings offer is clarity, which usually leads to peace of mind. The guides enjoy having conversation with their clients, and are happy to answer questions and explore possibilities with you.

Sometimes when people want to speak with a loved one who has passed over, they aren’t available or don’t come through for some reason, although most of the time they do. We cannot guarantee the availability of those folks, but we will certainly try. Sometimes other loved ones or even relations you didn’t know well might come through with some information for you.

Please feel free to discuss your needs and wants for a reading with Ker ahead of time. She will tell you if it is beyond our scope and refer you to someone who can help, if possible. Please read the testimonials on the Testimonials page to get a feeling for what people experience in a reading.

Will the guides tell me things I don’t want to hear? Some people feel nervous about this, but the guides always calibrate their information to you specifically. They speak the truth from the clarity of their perspective. They may not always respond to a question in the way you want, but you can direct the conversation and choose what topics to discuss. Feel free to tell the guides if you don’t want to hear about something in particular.

How often should I get a reading? As often as you like. Sometimes people want to check in weekly, or every few months, or around their birthdays once a year. Some people have one reading and that’s it. Some people just have a check in or a tune up when big things are afoot or when they need some clarity. It is completely up to you. Trust your instincts. If you are thinking about getting a reading, maybe that’s a good time to get one!

Please see my Policies (click here) for more information, and prior to making an appointment. Appointments may be in person or by phone (Skype would be boring, since I just sit there with my eyes closed).

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