Blue Star & Counsel of Light

BlueStar and Counsel of Light are known as the spirit guides of this one Ker, but that is putting it mildly. We are two different groups of disembodied beings, here to help you and Ker make sense of this world of Life.

BlueStar is a relatively recent group formation of just about 20 years, comprising some guides that have lived out all the Earth lives required of them, integrated with Ker’s highest self. The guides portion were all beings who came in with Ker to help her in this lifetime and agreed with her to work in this conscious manner for the benefit of all who come near. The “highest self” portion is the disembodied portion – everyone has that – which remains in the place of Unconditional Love from whence all of you emerged and to which all shall return at some point. Kind of the lifeline to your truth and essence, as it were. So we link with this aspect of Ker to facilitate our ability to discuss what is needed with each of you who asks. We do the best we can to read and reflect your essence and sort out the tangles and knots and smooth the way a bit for you if we possibly can. Since we have been through many, many lives on this plane as humans and whatnot we have an immense sense of compassion for the difficulties and fears contained in such lives. We commit to helping you if you want help, and doing the best we can to bring clarity and a sense of being OK.

Counsel of Light came on the scene about the same time as BlueStar coalesced, though their origins are completely different and Ker didn’t like them much at first. “We are of mindbody and light, disincarnate and never incarnate and never to be in body as understood by you. We are of ether and universe matter, not the flesh and blood. So our mindbody is clear and precise and we tell it like it is as we see it. We take the reading in the moment, not referring back or forth to misconception or understanding based in the confusion of the flesh. To some we seem a bit cold or distant but the coolness and space between us brings a level of clarity not possible in any other way. So, we tell Ker, dear, you will need to learn to live with it.”

This material was provided by the respective guides.

Ker says:
My guides are very accurate – more so, the more you participate in the reading. They are kind and silly (at least BlueStar is silly) and between them they bring a great deal of comfort and useful information to every reading. They rarely tell people what to do, but they will lay out the options to give you a clearer view of things. And while they are conversing with you (using my body as a conduit), they are also saturating you with unconditional love energy, which is the most potent healing force we could know. Please listen to downloads and read the blog to get a better sense of the guides and how we work, and if you have questions or want to schedule a reading, please contact me any time.

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