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This is the website of Ker Cleary and her spirit guides, BlueStar and Counsel of Light. If you are in need of support and clarity during times of transition, confusion or pain, you have come to the right place. You can learn about channeling and Bach flower remedies, read the BlueStar Channeling blog, download useful things, and make an appointment!

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work-with-me-sm1See what’s happening in your area or online! Channeling gatherings, classes and special appearances, updated regularly. Next Channeling Gathering coming up soon… Read more

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work-with-me-smMy guides and I are here to help you with concerns about your life purpose, relationships, changing old patterns, money woes, loved ones who’ve crossed over… Read more

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TheGoods-smFree downloads and goods to purchase to support you on your journey. Browse the selection! New goods added now & then… Browse Now

From the Blog...

  • Negativity and Positivity part 3/3 - Equanimity
    Negativity and Positivity part 3/3 – Equanimity
    Hello dear ones, Forgive us for taking so long to post the final third. It can always be a challenge to align things in the physical and nonphysical realms. Perhaps you have noticed. Well, we spoke of negativity and then of positivity, and now we speak of […]...
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  • Negativity and Positivity 2/3
    Negativity and Positivity 2/3
    Dear Ones – This is the post about positivity we are sure you have been waiting for with bated breath! Or maybe just with a bit of curiosity or even annoyance (where is that post?). Here it is: So, positivity can be as problematic as negativity can […]...
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  • Negativity and Positivity 1/3
    Negativity and Positivity 1/3
    Dear Ones – Today we share a few thoughts about negativity and positivity with you. Something that has been called to our attention of late. Apart from the usual, yin and yang, must have both/can’t have one without the other, what is there to say? It can […]...
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